Make Preparing For An Exhibition Easy as Sleeping


A powerful method of developing your export market is to attend international trade shows. Exhibition at a trade show will not only increase brand recognition, but it also provides a great chance to network and see what is happening in your industry. The only problem is that participating in international trade shows required a certain budget and you won’t get the expected return on investment if you are not prepared. Fortunately, there is a checklist that can help you prepare for the show and ensure it is successful.

Know Your Objectives And Create Your Budget

The first step to being successful at a trade show is knowing why you want to exhibit there. You must have a theme of what you want the exhibition to be about. Your theme may be about mobile technology or even about something in a completely different and totally unrelated market like sleeping solutions. The expo theme may be about anything you want to market. Whatever you eventually decide to target, you must however know what it is from the beginning.

The main objective such as revenue, increasing brand awareness or launching a new product will determine which trade show you should be attending. While this is the case, you should still consider all the large trade shows in your industry. It is also important to note that conferences and summits also help with visibility.

Knowing your objectives is important, but you also need to create your budget. When you do this, you should never compromise the long-term visibility of your company for short-term arrangements. Something that is cheap and attractive now could be damaging to your business in the long-term.

Prepare Well In Advance

As soon as you have your budget and objectives ready, you need to book your stand. This should be done at least a year in advance. You also need to book any travel arrangements and accommodation. The early you book your stand, the more choices you will have. It is also better financially to choose your space a year in advance because you could get some early bird rates that save you money.


Communication Is Vital

There is no point in exhibiting at a show if no-one knows about it. You should send information about the trade show to everyone on your newsletter database and post about it on social media. If you are going to be speaking at an event, you need to mention this as well. Of course, the more relevant the content you publish, the better the chances of it attracting the right audience.

Be Prepared To Network And Get Noticed

In the weeks leading up to the show, you need to look at the exhibitor list. This will tell you more about the competition and your potential clients. You should build a list of the people you want to meet and classify this by stands and sectors to make everything easier.

You also have to consider how to present your business in the most attractive and interactive way. When your audience is more involved, your exhibition will be a greater success. A good option is to create a game related to your business. This will not only add value to your exhibition, but it will also grab attention.

Train Your Staff

It is vital that you have good salespeople with you at the exhibition and you need to choose the best team. You also need to train them as thoroughly as possible while explaining your objectives and the stake. You could try offering incentives for completion of tasks and performance. This will help motivate them to exit their comfort zone and push the business. The staff you have with you are your storefront so they need to be comfortable and effective.


6 Great September Home and Garden Events in Atlanta

Home Improvement Shows In Atlanta to Look Forward to


Art on the BeltLine
September 12 through November- This is the largest art exhibit in the Southeast held outdoors. This annual exhibit displays the work of over 300 artists including sculptors, painters, and performing artists. It kicks off with the Lantern Parade. All works are on display along the paved Eastside Trail.

Art in the Park
September 5 through 7 – This annual event has taken place around Historic Marietta Square since 1986. Art media includes painting, sculpture, graphic arts, pottery, photography, woodwork and jewelry. Visit the Chalk Spot to let kids make their own art.

Fall Atlanta Home Show and Outdoor Living Expo
September 11 through 13 – This year there is a new outdoor living expo at Georgia’s largest fall home show. Hundreds of exhibits show off the latest in home care products and services. Explore over three football fields of space at the Cobb Galleria Centre. $10 gets you in to see experts like HGTV’s John Gidding explain how to repair and remodel homes and outdoor landscapes.

The Serenbe Showhouse
September 11 through October 4 – This showhouse tour lets you explore an authentic French Creole lakefront home. This Grange neighborhood house is made in low country style. The 3,700-square-foot structure was designed by James P. Curran. It features a wood shake roof and French doors that lead to an expansive back porch. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles sponsors the event.

Discover ADAC Conference
September 28 through October 1 – This is an annual conference that offers free presentations given by nationally known interior designers like Nate Berkus, Kerry Joyce, Miles Redd and others.

The Yellow Daisy Festival
September 10 through 13 – Over 400 arts and crafts vendors from over 35 states come to Stone Mountain Park for a celebration of the blooming of the Confederate Yellow Daisy. The event is free with a $15 charge for parking.

This whole list was compiled by Justin Taylor of 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta,  which offers a service for emergency water removal and flooded basement repair after water damage. His company will be taking part in all the shows and is one of the sponsors of some of these events. If you have any more information on any more Home and Garden trade shows in the Atlanta metro or anywhere in the state of Georgia, please do contact Justin via his site or through the contact form on this site.

The Different Benefits To Home Gardening

women benefiting from gardening

Despite home gardening being considered a great effort on the part of the gardener, it does have several benefits. The advantages range from controlling the crops, so you know what you are eating, to acting as a catharsis. This article will provide information on the different benefits of home gardening.

#1: Controlling The Crops

Growing vegetables at home can contribute to controlling what your family eats. Home gardening gives you the advantage of choosing which pest control to use, the fertilizer and the watering process. Of course, you must conduct some research for your product to be organic. The crops will require water, sunlight, fertilizer and pest control. It may be best to consider the hardiness zone before planting seeds.

#2: Enjoying The Fresh Food Lifestyle

Nothing beats the flavor of fresh foods, such as newly picked vegetables and fruits. When harvested, the produce starts to lose nutrients and moisture. This loss of moisture and nutrients contribute to the lack of vegetable freshness in store-bought goods. If you grow your own produce, you will know precisely when they were harvested and how fresh the item is.

#3: Making The Garden Inviting

In addition to adding more vitality to your diet, home gardening can make a yard more inviting. The color, beauty and life of crops can make the back garden more aesthetically pleasing. For instance, the sight of crisp cucumbers or smell of ripe strawberries is a warm invitation to family and friends. Plants sporting flowers will encourage pollination, which can make a definite “splash” in the garden. Furthermore, the pollinators (bees and other insects) will pollinate other plants making the garden grow more speedily.

family home with garden

When choosing to plant a home garden, it is important that you consider where to place the garden and the requirements of the produce. For example, do the plants need shade or sunlight? Always read the information provided on the plant tag or research the plant using a gardening guide. It is also essential to place the seeds at a distance from one another. Spacing is significant if you want the garden to flourish.

#4: Reducing The Groceries Budget

One of the most significant benefits to using a home garden is the cost-effectiveness. In most cases, the cost of seeds is equivalent to the price of fruit or vegetables at a store. In fact, it may be less costly when considering the money spent on traveling to the store. You can grow organic vegetables in a home garden for a fraction of the cost of store-bought products. This means that the groceries budget can be reduced and easily maintained.

#5: Making Gardening A Family Activity

Gardening is a family-friendly and fun activity that allows children to “get their hands dirty” while learning about food production. Starting a home garden is an excellent way of spending time with the family and engaging with each other.

#6: Helping With Health Conditions

One nutrient found in home gardens that are not linked to the product is vitamin D. Vitamin D is attained from the sun’s rays, and this vitamin is essential to a person’s health. Surveys show that tending a backyard garden for approximately thirty minutes can improve sleep patterns and positive energy.